membership benefits


As a member of Tegnerforbundet you automatically become a member of Norske Billedkunstnere (NBK). NBK is the visual artists' main organization and membership is only achieved through membership in one of the basic organizations, ex. Tegnerforbundet .

Membership benefits in NBK:

  • Legal advice and assistance, insurance, IAA (International Identity Card for Professional Artists), stay on Citadel Island in Stavern, stay at the artist's cabin in Ny-Ålesund (Svalbard), good discount schemes, trade magazine Billedkunst.

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Membership benefits in Tegnerforbundet :

  • As a member, you receive monthly membership letters, Medlemsnytt, with, among other things, information about relevant application deadlines, as well as invitations to member meetings and member evenings with professional refill.
  • You will receive the Tegnerforbunde's magazine NUMER . For free!
  • You can apply for TF's own travel grant of NOK 25,000, which has been issued since 1926, and a grant from PEDRO's memorial fund of NOK 20,000. which TF established in 2001.
  • We work actively to promote the members and their art, among other things through the membership register on our website, as well as concepts such as. "Tegnesnakk" and "Artist of the Month ”.
  • We provide jobs in lecturing and workshop instructing at TF
  • TF has a sales department and online shop where we actively promote our members' artworks. We work with companies, collectors, purchasing committees and public authorities, among others. We promote members and the sales department through our online store, in social media, newsletters and in various external channels.
  • As a member, you have the opportunity to hold positions on the Norwegian Norwegian Drawing Center's board.
  • We have various discount agreements for our members: 20% discount on framing of own artwork at Brodins , 25% on framing of own artwork at Artifix , individual agreements for members at PIGS - digital print , 20% discount on all products from Caran d'Ache (when purchased in TF), 15% discount on all products with the exception of fountain pens from Montblanc and Namiki at Tudos / tudos.no
  • You can rent an apartment / studio in Casa Randi on Tenerife. For more information or questions send an email to Mette Camilla Skadberg: m-skadbe@online.no

Tegnerforbundet accepts membership applications throughout the year. Click here to read more.