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Welcome to Tegnerforbundet's application portal for membership!

Tegnerforbundet is a union organization for professional artists with focus om drawing (visual art) and illustration. Artistic quality counts the most when applying for membership, but education and professional activity, whether it is exhibitions or publications count as well.
The Board at Tegnerforbundet is the Artistic Council and takes in new members. Tegnerforbundet accepts membership applications throughout the year. Applications will be considered at the board meetings. Click here to read more about membership benefits .


* Have all the application material ready before you start the actual registration. It is not possible to save the application along the way or make changes to the application after it has been submitted. Tegnerforbundet can also not edit an application after it has been submitted.
* You will receive a confirmation in the application portal when the application has been submitted. You won´t get a separate confirmation by e-mail.




Fill in the fields " Description of your artistic practice" and "Why do you want to become a member?"

This will provide the Artistic Council with tools to assess your artistic maturity, and make it easier for the council to see if Tegnerforbundet
is the right organization for you and your art.


Your CV should include relevant education, selection of exhibitions or publications, and possibly membership in other artist organizations.
The CV must be in file format pdf, and under 2MB.



The application must contain documentation of 10 works from the last 5 years.
Make sure you have good documentation of your work.
The images in the application must be in jpg file format, and less than 2MB per. pcs. 



For technical assistance in filling in the application form, contact post @ tegnerforbundet .no or call us on tel: 22 42 38 06.

Membership also includes membership of Norske Billedkunstnere (NBK), of which TF is one of the founding organisations. For information about membership benefits in NBK, see here. The membership fee for Tegnerforbundet is NOK 700. Tegnerforbundet's membership fee for pensioners over the age of 67 is NOK 350. The ordinary membership fee for Norske Billedkunstnere is NOK 1 700. There is a 50 percent discount for pensioners over the age of 67, and for new members who are under 35, or are in the first two years after graduation.

The total amount of membership is collected by NBK once a year.

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