About the Drawing Triennial

The drawing triennial

Since 2002 Tegnerforbundet has been arranging the Drawing Biennale, which has mainly been based on the free submission of works / projects that explore, problematize and refer to drawing as a concept and genre.

The eight biennials which Tegnerforbundet has been producing since 2002, have had a changing organizational form and location. And while Tegnerforbundet's board and organization was in charge for the artistic management of the first biennials, it has gradually become customary recruiting external collaborators. This has strengthened the biennial' s ability to have a changing perspective on drawing as an art form.

In 2016, the Drawing Biennale was transformed into a Drawing Triennial and on November 8, 2019, the first Drawing Triennial opened at Kunstnernes Hus, with Helga - Marie Nordby as curator.

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