Tegnerforbundet - the Norwegian Drawing Center - is centrally located in Kvadraturen in Oslo. We work to showcase the breadth of the drawing field and to promote the discourse around drawing as an art form. Our vision is to be Norway's foremost advocates and communicators of the art of drawing. 

Our premises at Rådhusgata 17 house a spacious and modern gallery, where we host four to five exhibitions a year. Workshops, projects and events focusing on drawing are also held here for the benefit of young and old, current and aspiring professionals and drawing enthusiasts. The premises also include a sales department displaying selected artwork by our members, additionally available through a dedicated online store

Tegnerforbundet is also the publisher of NUMER, Norway's only magazine for drawing, illustration and book-related art. NUMER is published three times a year and sent to subscribers both in and beyond Norway. The magazine is free for our members, and those interested can also buy it in our gallery and online store, as well as at a number of other museums, bookshops and galleries. NUMER's digital platform (numermagasin.no) offers reviews, interviews, and artist portraits, as well as covering both national and international news in the field of drawing. 

Since 2002, Tegnerforbundet has organized the Drawing Biennale, an arena for displaying and communicating contemporary drawing on an international level. In 2016, the Drawing Biennale was converted into a Triennale. The Drawing Triennial  takes place in our gallery, as well as in collaborative institutions from within and outside the cultural field, and in urban spaces. Over the years, it has developed into an important event, generating considerable attention in both Norwegian and international press, engagement in the national art scene, and most importantly a great deal of excitement among audiences of all ages. 

In addition, professional practitioners with a drawing-focused practice can organize themselves through Tegnerforbundets union. Our organization is a member of Norske Billedkunstnere (NBK) , and our board works together with NBK to improve the standing and rights of our constituents. As of today, we have about 550 members. 

Tegnerforbundet  is part of the network collaboration Kunst i Kvadraturen (KiK)  , and is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Norwegian Illustration Fund and Oslo municipality. 


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