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The drawing triennial

Since 2002, Tegnerforbundet has organized the Drawing Biennial, which has mainly been based on free submission of works/projects that explore, problematize and treat drawing as a concept and genre.

In 2016, the Drawing Biennial was transformed into a Drawing Triennial. The ten biennials and triennials Tegnerforbundet has produced since 2002 have had different organizational forms and venues. And while the first biennials' artistic management was closely linked to the board and organization of the Drawing Association, it has gradually become common practice to bring in outside forces. This has strengthened the biennial's ability to have a changing perspective on drawing.

The last Drawing Triennial was held from October 12 to December 22, 2023 at Tegnerforbundet, the National Museum, Deichman Bjørvika and Tenthaus.

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