Abstract drawing

Jun 21, 2024


Sep 15, 2024

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Opening Thursday 20.06., 18-20.

Welcome to this year's summer exhibition dedicated to abstract drawing. Tegnerforbundet wishes with this exhibition to explore the relationship between abstraction and drawing through the works of seven artists who have been associated with Tegnerforbundet as loyal members for many years.

The participating artists in the exhibition are:

Irma Salo Jæger (b. 1928)

Liv Dessen (b. 1935)

Anne Rolfsen (born 1946)

Wenche Gulbrandsen (born 1947)

Lykke Frydenlund (born 1951)

Heidi Skjerve Kennedy (born 1954)

Mette Stausland (born 1956)

The artists represent a varied, yet interwoven history of abstract drawing in Norway. A generation separates the artists in age, yet they tell one chapter in the history of abstraction and drawing, where they all have specific contributions to the art history of Norwegian abstraction. Through their work, we want to explore the power of abstract drawing - a form of artistic expression that brings us closer to the core elements of drawing: the hand, the line, the surface and the color. In this process, the sheet becomes the framework where the artist explores and expresses themselves through lines, lines and shapes. Each work is the result of a dialog between material and artist.

While each of these artists has their own unique approach to abstract drawing, there are clear commonalities that bind them together. There is an immediacy and intimacy to their work, driven by an intuitive approach that requires confidence and experience.

While highlighting their individual practices, we also want to reflect on the wider context in which these artists operate - both as women and as artists with long and active careers. Their experiences and achievements deserve to be highlighted and recognized, and we hope this exhibition can be a step towards giving them the attention they so richly deserve. We will explore their perspectives through a series of artist talks that will be available in a catalog.

Curator: Lene Fjørtoft.

Image (section): Mette Stausland. Photo: Tom Bisig.