Ane Landfald

Apr 26, 2018


May 27, 2018

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Welcome to the exhibition opening on Thursday 26 April at 6 pm.

Layered structure sudden collapse

No matter what format Ane Landfald uses, her drawings are filled with a rare intensity and presence. In Landfald's drawings, we join through space and landscape in search of traces of the ram. 

I am, in short, interested in movements in the earth's crust and tones of gray: between dark gray and almost completely black.
The soil surface is organized in layers. At different time intervals, the earth's crust undergoes major and minor changes, it is deeply malleable; even snowflakes can leave imprints, it only takes time for them to appear.
When I draw I build the image through layers. I draw over the entire drawing several times and do not stop until the image is almost filled, as the subject is about to disappear in darkness. At this stage, I can only work on the drawing on days when there is sun or bright daylight outside the studio window.
In the last couple of years I have read and written a lot about soil movements in general, and especially a clay landslide that took place in Verdal in 1893. The geology can be read as a timeline, and the earth that collapsed in 1893 was deposited after the last ice age: A white and several thousand meters thick cover melted and disappeared, but left a bluish-black and clay soil that can collapse into a soupy consistency, without warning, in the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep. Ane Landfald) 

Ane Landfald (1988) graduated from Arts and Crafts at the Oslo Academy of the Arts. She made her debut at the Autumn Exhibition in 2017. In 2016, Landfald had texts in Cappelen Damm's debut anthology Signaler . The exhibition in Tegnerforbundet is her first solo exhibition in Oslo. The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Council.

Events during the exhibition period 

Sunday 29 April at 13: 'Meet the artists'. Ane Landfald and Arne Ingvaldsen hold guided tours of their exhibitions.

Wednesday 9 May at 17: Conversation between Ane Landfald and Ina Åsheim.

Tegnerforbundet has guided tours every Wednesday at 16.30 pm. during the exhibition period. For updates on current events, check our website and Facebook. 

A selection of Ane Landfald's works from the exhibition is available in our online store. Find out more here .