Åpent hus (Open house)

Nov 29, 2012


Dec 22, 2012

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Sales exhibition with works by Tegnerforbundet's members

For this year's last exhibition, we have invited our members to fill the gallery. It is a sales exhibition where the maximum price is set at NOK 7,000, so here it is possible to make a bargain! The exhibition is a rare chance to see works by many of the Drawing Association's talented members, as well as to experience the wide range within the drawing medium. Take the opportunity to see versatile and good drawing art. The works will be sold straight from the wall. Maybe you find a gift you want to give away, or keep for yourself?

Thorbjørn Egner and Morocco

Thorbjørn Egner received the Norwegian Designers' Association's travel grant in 1948 and went on a study trip in the spring of 1949 to Italy, France, Algeria and Morocco. In Morocco, he first came to the ancient royal city of Fez. Later he went on to Casablanca and Marrakech. In Fez he was particularly interested in the "medina", the ancient Arab city, and he made a large number of travel sketches from there.

In connection with this year's centenary celebrations, we have selected travel sketches from Fez and Marrakech in the exhibition. He has edited some of the sketches from Fez since he returned to Norway and he made an illustrated article from Fez, "A day in the medina", in Young Artists' Christmas booklet Juleglede autumn 1949. Two of the travel sketches were included in the Autumn Exhibition 1949.

Morocco became very important to him and life in the Moroccan cities became part of the inspiration for his illustrated story about People and Robbers in Cardamom City.