Bjørn Hegardt

Jan 7, 2010


Jan 31, 2010

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Bjørn Hegardt's drawings are known for their strong compositions and a strong graphical line. His figurative expression, mostly in black and white, is concentrated on the distilled, and emphasizes imaginary spaces that can at the same time be perceived as peculiarly concrete in Contour lines and clean surfaces indicate the potential symbolic character of things, here there is no excessive use of details and shading. characterize his idiom as such.The clarified neatness of the line is constantly moving in the direction of more complex and enigmatic contexts.In ambivalent architectural structures, which balance between urban mass and ruin, and isolated representations of objects such as furniture, Hegardt succeeds with simple steps to upset the utilitarian logic of things and invade them with chaos jenstander piles up in clusters, the abrupt organic inventory smokes and explosions appear; the dark underside of the drawings is constantly present. Through visual and conceptual transformations and distortions, Hegardt creates something naive and sparkling that is set up against parallel decay forces. "- Line Ulekleiv, 2008

Bjørn Hegardt (b. 1974) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim and the Kunsthochschule in Berlin. Hegardt has had numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, and is also the editor of the international drawing magazine Fukt. As one of the few Nordic cartoonists, he was selected to participate in Phaidon's drawing anthology Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing.