Bjørn Winsnes

Sep 11, 2014


Oct 5, 2014

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Eventyrlige detaljer

After retirement, photographer Bjørn Winsnes (1925 - 2012) put away the camera for good, in favor of pencils, felt-tip pens and brushes. In this exhibition, the audience can experience the detailed story-telling and humorous illustrations that have previously only have been available to his children and grandchildren. Their grandfather never meant to make these drawings public, but was persuaded in his last years. Now his grandchildren look forward to sharing the joy of looking for the six-legged pig in 'Eventyrtegningen', finding the loving couple in 'Partyhuset' and marveling at 'Det umulige tivoliet'. 

Bjørn Winsnes (1925 - 2012) started his career as a photographer in the Norwegian police force that were established in Sweden during World War II, and continued his entire professional career as a photographer. He was one of the founders of the Norske Reklamefotografers Landsforening, Forbundet Frie Fotografer and Kreativt Forum. He worked as a photographic jury member in Aftenposten's A-magasinet and as a cartoonist for Dagbladet during the Winter Olympics in Oslo in 1952 and the Summer Olympics in Helsinki the same year.