Bo Gaustad

Nov 2, 2017


Nov 19, 2017

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Meget begavede dyr (Very gifted animals)

The picture book "Little Olle" is about a gifted pig who gives his heart and soul to violin playing. Even with parents who put him out in the woods, hungry crows who want a whole roasted pig, and extremely difficult playing conditions on a grill, he kept his focus. And he gets his reward. This shows us how lonely and thorny the path of art is. Maybe especially for a pig. The exhibition shows originals made with pastel chalk.    

The exhibition also shows other drawings with motifs of different animals interested in music, made with different techniques.

Bo Gaustad is draftsman, illustrator and author. She has illustrated approx. 40 books, 15 of them are picture books. Four of them with her own text : "Haren Henriette og andre vers" (2007), "Dessert" (2011), "Bøllene" (2013), "Lille Olle - et begavet lite svin" (2017).

Gaustad has participated in a number of exhibitions, has been purchased by the National Library, and has received several awards, including The Ministry of Culture's Illustration Prize (2013, 2015), she won gold in the Most Beautiful Books of the Year (2014), and this year she received the National Language Association's Children and Youth Book Prize for "Lille Olle".

Events during the exhibition period

Sunday 22 October at 13: Artist conversation with Eli Hovdenak, Anna Fiske and Bo Gaustad

Tuesday, October 31 at 17: Book launch "Lille Olle - et begavet lite svin", Bo Gaustad