Catrine Thorstensen

Feb 3, 2011


Feb 27, 2011

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Torgeir Husevaag and Catrine Thorstensen show separate works under a common title. "Threat image" is again the theme of several of the new projects.

It can be threat images with emphasis on threat , the immediate sudden threats that can be protected against with surveillance and security measures, or the more long-term vague ones, be they man-made, media-created, real or imagined. It can be threat images with print on images , such as puns, paradox, or investigations of visual possibilities.

In ink drawings and digital prints, Husevaag continues his work with subjective infographics (how quantities of information can be given a legible visual form). For example, he has mapped and analyzed the location of all manhole covers in the center of Oslo, with a view to future state visits. Before Obama's visit to Norway, all manhole covers along his route were welded again... Furthermore, the data storage directive gets a taste of its own medicine, and the natural consequence of the threat, flight, is devoted to two works in the form of detailed hand-drawn maps.

Thorstensen works with metaphors, archetypes and well-known objects that are examined and transformed. The exhibition shows works related to myths about the bird as a harbinger of upcoming events. Two meticulous colored pencil drawings of bird skulls appear as ambiguous emblems or symbols, while the video "White Raven Black Swan" deals with these two birds in opposite color costumes, both used as images of the unexpected. She also shows the animation "Gasp!", which is based on a statement from an acquaintance, about the slightly clammy feeling that the air you breathe has also been inside other bodies that are in the same room.

In addition, the artists present an Artistbook they have created together. It is the result of a joint residency in Reykjavik in June 2010, and consists of small and large projects, photographs, the cartoon "Fiinbeck's Saga", concept sketches and montages. Everything has (to varying degrees) a connection to Iceland.

The works in the book and in the gallery complement and deepen each other.

Torgeir Husevaag graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo in 2000, Catrine Thorstensen from SHKS in 2001. Both live and work in Oslo.