Oct 22, 2015


Nov 22, 2015

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Tegnerforbundet present the group exhibition FLORILEGIA with the artists Marie-Claude Bougard , Pia Krabberød , Brynhild Winther and Trond Sebastian Rusten .

This exhibition focuses on an exploratory drawing practice, where drawing is used as a method for observing nature and the technical craft as a method for scientific research. Before photography and the digital age, drawing was a preferred tool for exploring nature. Vaselius' anatomy studies, Dürer's studies of animals and plants, Da Vinci's and Hokusai's observations of weather phenomena. This approach to observation and study of nature through drawing is in a tradition about as old as the art of drawing itself. Man has been observing and studying nature since the beginning and this has followed us through the development of our civilization. From depictions of cave paintings, sacred herbs carved on hieroglyphs, organic decorations on ancient temple columns to more simple observations of medicinal plants at the early days of science and on to systematic botanical studies gained momentum during the Enlightenment. 

The works shown in this exhibition nevertheless do not serve a traditional scientific purpose but use the methods of science from an artistic research point of view. The exploratory curiosity continues in a more experimental direction, where it takes more subjective and conceptual directions. The boundary between the prosaic and the poetic is blurred. Here, in addition to the media and procedural examination with drawing, a subjective experience of nature is conveyed, with room for abstract considerations and reflections on the relationship between man and nature. 

Although this type of practice has old roots, it never ceases to be relevant and is probably more important than ever. As habitats and species die out at a furious pace in connection with climate change and humanity's constant movement away from our original place in interaction with nature.

- Johannes Høie, curator.