Heidi Øiseth

May 31, 2018


Jul 1, 2018

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Welcome to the exhibition opening the 31th of May at 6 pm.

Behind the layers, 

you will maybe find the surface 

Heidi Øiseth draws with charcoal and marker on large pieces of canvas. In her striking and time-consuming works, she takes up themes such as craft traditions and the role of women in art and everyday life.  

I show works where materiality and structures can be reminiscent of deposits, corrosion and wear. The works can also be reminiscent of woven carpets, or fabrics, but have arisen through a slowly intuitive and painstaking drawing process. The use of materials is limited to unprepared canvas, marker, charcoal and pastel chalk. Structures are laid over soft tufted deposits and create contrasts, where one layer is covered by another. Because my works are created over time, it gives the opportunity for reflection, closeness to feelings and self-understanding.
In a world where everything is constantly moving faster, I am concerned with the sensual, meditation and calm, slowness and presence, the lasting and caring. We need the stories, tradition and community to know who we are, process our lives and not become invisible.
The exhibition also seeks to express the unsaid that goes across cultural boundaries and is woven into the lives of women worldwide. The unsaid lies beneath the dense surface, motionless and fragile (Heidi Øiseth).

Heidi Øiseth (b. 1961, Oslo) has her education in drawing from the Oslo Drawing and Painting School, Granum Art School and Nydalen Art School. Øiseth has had solo exhibitions and has participated in collective exhibitions at Tegnerforbundet , the Drawing Biennale, the Autumn Exhibition and on several occasions at the Østlandsutstillingen. On three occasions she has also exhibited in Germany, through a German-Norwegian collaboration between Østlandsutstillingen and Landeskulturverband Schlesswig-Holstein.   

The exhibition is supported by Kulturrådet. 


Events during the exhibition period 


Sunday 3 June at 13: 'Meet the artists'. Heidi Øiseth and Janne Kruse give a tour of their exhibitions. 

Thursday 21 June at 17: Conversation between Heidi Øiseth and Ina Åsheim 

The events are free and open to everyone.  

Tegnerforbundet has guided tours every Wednesday at 16.30 pm. during the exhibition period. For updates on current events, check our website and Facebook.