Ingeborg Blom Andersskog

Jun 4, 2021


Jul 4, 2021

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Tegnerforbundet shows Ingeborg Blom Andersskog's installation and drawing performance YOU I. The specially made box Andersskog has placed herself in means that the artist can not see the audience, but we can see the drawing that grows every day. Body and drawing flow into each other, the body is the material, movement and rhythm. The work of art arises in dialogue between the viewer and the artist, between body, time and drawing. The audience is included in the performance and the artist and the viewer become a symbiosis and can hardly be separated. The drawing appears as a continuous process and is an extension of the body's movement. Andersskog's performance is an expression of slow art, you can see that the artwork develops and that it quietly continues to grow. This slow meditative process is a contrast to the hectic consumer reality outside the gallery. 

All understanding of the outside world is based in the body. There is a meaning to everything we do, consciously or unconsciously, and everything we experience is because the body acts as it does. The word "phenomenon" is originally Greek and means "I show myself", which means that the body must experience in order to reflect.

In the exhibition I show an installation and a long-term drawing performance. Based on small circles, the drawing will be simple, repetitive and give a feeling of being a mass that grows uncontrollably and "takes over" the space and the people who are there; as the cells of an organism, a kind of growth or virus that spreads across all surfaces and bodies. The drawing grows as long as the performance lasts. Only time puts a stop to the work. For the first time, I include the audience's bodies in the work, as well as new ways to include my own.

The work has been entitled "You I", as the distinction between one's own and other people's bodies flows into each other.

                                                                                       Ingeborg Blom Andersskog

Performance times in the gallery in the period 04.06–30.06 : Tue-Sun, 12-15.
Performance on the opening day 03.06: at. 12-13 and at 16-17. 

Ingeborg Blom Andersskog (born in Kongsvinger in 1983) currently works between Malmö, Sweden and Norway. She has her education from the Bergen School of Art and Design. She has had several solo exhibitions in Norway and in Spain and Hong Kong, among others. She has also participated in a large number of group exhibitions at home and abroad. Ingeborg Blom Andersskog has been purchased by, among others, the University of Bergen, where she applied the drawing directly to the wall. The artist also has a number of published texts, including the artist book One Line One Circle.

The exhibition is supported by Kulturrådet and Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond. 

(Photo: Javier Palacios)


On the occasion of the exhibition, a video interview we had a talk with Ingeborg Blom Andersskog in the gallery.

Video production: KUNSTDOK / Jon Marius Nilsson