Johannes Høie

Aug 13, 2021


Sep 19, 2021

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Exhibition opening 12.08 at 6pm.

‍ Akephalos

Welcome to the exhibition Akephalososure with Johannes Høie. As the title suggests, you are invited into a universe of pictures that is open to everything. The artist has transformed the premises into a larger installation by drawing directly on the wall. This work process is characterized by a free and playful approach to drawing, and this temporary and monumental wall work is thematically in dialogue with the triptych and the work on silk. The works are characterized by a richness of detail and accuracy that is elaborately drawn through an organic line. Confronted with Høie's work, a feeling is aroused that the dark and deviant have taken over. Does the artist portray a medieval past or a dystopian future? In the artist's world, or underworld, the strange, powerful and unnatural have the upper hand. The motifs revolve around something ominous that creates a captivating fascination in the viewer. The works are an interaction between old drawing techniques and modern references. This eclectic approach creates a distinctive expression and shows Høie's strength of exposure.

In my exhibition at Tegnerforbundet I show a larger installation consisting of perishable wall works, a series of drawings on paper, as well as a work done on silk. It all works as a cohesive frieze. The wall works are evoked freely with liquid ink over a limited period of time. This practice is related to older East Asian calligraphy and ink drawings. These monumental works can only be experienced temporarily, almost like a cartoon theater. 

My works are telling stories, with narratives balanced in an ambiguous tipping point. I work continuously to develop my own universe and visual language, where the connection between theme, technique and motif plays an important role. References across art history often form a thematic soundtrack for this. An iconography that circles opposites and contexts within the human, society, culture, nature, history, the mythical, the perishable and the eternal. 

                                                                                                             Johannes Høie

Johannes Høie (born 1981) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen and the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. He has had a number of solo exhibitions, including Kunsthall Grenland, Galleri Maria Veie, Tegnerforbundet and the ISCP in New York. He has also participated in a large number of group exhibitions at home and abroad. Høie has had several public decorating assignments with murals at, among others, Thora Storm high school in Trondheim and Åssiden high school in Drammen. He has been purchased by Equinor, Oslo Municipality and KORO.


On the occasion of the exhibition, we had a talk with Johannes Høie in the gallery.

Video production: KUNSTDOK / Jon Marius Nilsson