Jonas Liveröd

Mar 7, 2013


Apr 7, 2013

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The Notes, The Tainted, The Other

For the first time, the Swedish artist Jonas Liveröd presents a solo exhibition in Oslo. The exhibition is the second part in a trilogy that started with Prolog: Fenomen & Begär in Karlstad in January, and ends with Normals Hear Voices in Stockholm in April.

Liveröd's work is a place where resistance and longing, shifted realities and alternative histories share a narrow space. In The Notes, The Tainted, The Other, Liveröd focuses on his fascination with the drives of society, the uncategorizable and the fine line between fact and fiction. Traces of utopian cults, assassinations, double effects, border architecture, pilgrimages, lists, lost art history, manic collectors, folk art cheats, dioramas, magic used in warfare, visionary failures, emotional manipulation, fear of darkness and modernist mistakes are gathered here.

Jonas Liveröd (b. 1974). Artist, curator and freelance writer based in Malmö. In recent years he has had solo exhibitions at Lars Olsen Gallery in Copenhagen, Kristinehamn Art Museum, Växjö Art Gallery, The Process Room at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, Förderverein Aktuelle Kunst in Münster and at Goldin Gallery in Stockholm.