Julie Engaas

Jan 9, 2014


Feb 2, 2014

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It wasn't me, it was the seagull and Lydskygger

"It wasn't me, it was the seagull" is an animated documentary about and with Pelle Sandstrak. Pelle has Tourette's syndrome. He tells about when in his teens he began to have the first obsessive thoughts and began with compulsive rituals. If he did not perform the rituals, in his mind, death and disaster would occur. The animated documentary is drawn with pencil on paper. Pelle himself has the voice.

In "Lydskygger" we meet Hege Nordset Blichfeldt. Hege was born blind and the sound shadows are an important part of her everyday life. There are many who believe that she lives in the dark, but in front of her eyes there is nothing. Just air. "I feel sound shadows with my cheek, cheekbones, ears and especially the left side of my face." This animated documentary was drawn, and Hege has the voice.

Julie Engaas (b. 1968) is educated at the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo and the animation department at Volda University College. Her films have, among other things, been shown on i.a. Bergen International Film Festival, the Short Film Festival in Grimstad, Bomuldfabrikken Kunsthall and the Statens Høstutstilling. In January 2014, she goes to the Sundance Film Festival with "It wasn't me, it was the seagull".