Kristin Skrivervik

Aug 30, 2012


Sep 23, 2012

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Morphic Resonance

The title Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields is taken from Rupert Sheldrake, molecular biologist and author, and has been the source of inspiration for this exhibition. In the same way as magnetic fields around magnets and how they are attracted/repelled by each other, we humans, animals, plants and minerals have the same fields in the form of morphic fields (shape-forming fields). Morphic fields are, according to Sheldrake's thesis, a universal database for both organic and abstract forms, a kind of common memory base. From this base, these fields work through morphic resonance.

Skrivervik works intuitively with nature as a source and field of experience. She herself is familiar with Sheldrake's theory as it relates directly to her attitude in the creative world. The degree of presence in the work is decisive for access to such common memory fields and for the work's energy.

Kristin Skrivervik (b. 1954) has her education from SHKS in Oslo where she took a diploma in 1982. She has participated in a number of exhibitions at home and abroad, including The Nordic Art Triennale, NOoSphere (NYC), the Spring and Autumn Exhibition, has received a number of grants and project support since 1982 and has been purchased by, among others, The National Museum, Alf and Linda Deocariza Fredly Collection, Telenor Holding.