Lars Fiske and Steffen Kverneland

Nov 3, 2011


Nov 27, 2011

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Buffalo Bill! Sex! Jazz! Migraines! Art! Lobster! Bacon! Glasses! Smoking! Curls! Sorrow! Drugs! Black square! Ozzy! Dada! Kafka! Satanism! The war! Fear of death! Boobs! Dogs! Automobiles! Boxing! Cabins! Violence! Murder!

Lars Fiske and Steffen Kverneland are exhibiting originals from their critically acclaimed and award-winning comic Kanon with a focus on the recently released Kanon#4. See Edvard Munch, Kurt Schwitters, George Grosz, Charles Mingus, Ozzy Osbourne, Kasimir Malevich, Keith Richards, Hans Jæger and the serial artists themselves. This is a sales exhibition.

Lars Fiske (b. 1966) is educated at Konstfack in Stockholm and Otis/Parson in Los Angeles. He has worked as an illustrator for e.g. Aftenposten, A-magasinet, Dagens Næringsliv, Adresseavisen, Bergens Tidende, Prosa and others. Fiske has a number of releases on No Comprendo Press, including Kanon 1-4 (with Kverneland) and the Matje releases.

Steffen Kverneland (b. 1963) works as a draftsman, illustrator and cartoonist, and has freelanced for a number of newspapers, magazines and publishers. He has illustrated several books, and has been a regular illustrator for Nationen, Dagbladet and Dag og Tid. Kverneland has a flurry of cartoon publications behind it, e.g. Amputees Classics I-IV and Olaf G. (together with Fiske), to name a few.