Lewis & Taggart

Aug 13, 2015


Sep 13, 2015

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A line inspite of itself

Lewis & Taggart's works are composed of materials they have found and collected over several years. The materials serve as a starting point for the production of new shapes and compositions. The artists have a special interest in objects that possess certain qualities; objects that are small enough to change hands in everyday life, objects that can circulate in the periphery of a centralized economy, and objects that possess both a formal and a contextual resonance. Although the artist duo usually work sculpturally, they often highlight elements of drawing through an active use of the line. This is especially expressed through this exhibition in Tegnerforbundet . The selection of two- and three-dimensional works made in the period from 2010 until today, is for the first time compiled in a way that seeks to assess and examine the ontology in the line - in found material and everyday objects.

Lewis & Taggart (Andrew Taggart and Chloe Lewis) is a Canadian artist duo currently based in Bergen, Norway, and St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. They have worked together since 2006, and in 2010 they received a joint MFA from The Art Academy in Bergen. Their work has since been exhibited in separate exhibitions at Entrée, Bergen (NO), Syntax, Lisbon (PT), ISCP, New York City (US), Kunstverein Leipzig (DE), noplace, Oslo (NO), and Center for Contemporary Art , Warsaw (PL). Lewis & Taggart has been awarded Canada Council for Arts, Künstlerhaus, Bethaniens International Artist Residency, Berlin in 2015/2016.