Lillian Tørlen

Mar 5, 2020


May 16, 2020

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Tegnerforbundet looks forward to showing the exhibition FRAGILE CONSTRUCTION OF CONTEXT by Lillian Tørlen. Tørlen works site-specifically in different materials and plays with the surroundings and the experience of these. Ideas arise in the face of, and through examination of, the various aspects of the place where the work is to exist, both physically and in terms of content.

I started this project with a comparison between paper and wall. Both can work defining and delimiting. Where papers stand for the regulating and determining, walls are concrete dividing lines. Documents on property rights and floor plans versus physical manifestations of these. We build spaces around us and construct boundaries to create security structures that help maintain a well-functioning society and that instill a sense of control. But society and its constructions are constantly evolving and changing - they change, break down and new ones emerge. In this lies potential and opportunities, even if change in itself is not necessarily - or feels - positive.

The gallery space that I relate to in this project is also a place with ever-changing content. To me, the clumsy paper has become a symbol of change; part of the process, discarding sketches, finishing something, on the way to "the next" - and can involve frustration as well as something hopeful. By combining the solidity of the wall with the fragility and mobility of the paper, I want to make visible the changing and unstable in our surroundings.

                                                                                                                     - Lillan Tørlen


Lillian Tørlen (born in Ålesund in 1975) has her education from KHiO (MA), and Central St. Martins College in London (BA). She also has a practical pedagogical education from HiOA and works as a teacher at Elvebakken VGS. Tørlen has participated in a number of collective exhibitions at home and abroad and has had separate exhibitions at Format in Oslo and Møre- og Romsdal Kunstsenter in Molde.

The exhibition is supported by Kulturrådet.



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