Lykke Frydenlund

Jan 5, 2017


Feb 5, 2017

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Lykke Frydenlund are born, lives and works in Oslo. As a visual artist, she has worked extensively with the coloring of architecture, both exterior and interior, among others, Hamar Olympic amphitheater, the 'Studentsiloen' at Grünerløkka and NRK Østlandsendingen at Myren's workshop in Oslo. The aim of the exhibition at Tegnerforbundet is to show new works that have been developed through experiences with architecture-related works in the public space; artwork on glass and coloring of it. Frydenlund's new work plays further into this experience, but transforms the expression onto paper in glass and frame.

Lykke Frydenlund is educated from Statens Håndverks- og Kunstindutriskole (SHKS) and at Statens Lærerhøgskole in Notodden. Frydenlund is, among other things, purchased by The National Gallery, Oslo Municipality's Art Collection and Norsk Kulturråd. She has had solo exhibitions in, among others, Tegnerforbundet and Oslo Kunstforening and she has carried out decoration commissions both from artist-appointed decoration committees and private individuals. The exhibition is supported by Norsk Kulturfond and BKH.