M.M. Malvin

Sep 11, 2014


Oct 5, 2014

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In 2006, Bokmagasinet was established as a literary supplement to Klassekampen on Saturdays, and M.M.Malvin has since delivered author portraits to the front page of the magazine every week. In this exhibition you will see a selection of them. The works are paintings done with gouache using brushes on paper and canvas, supplemented with, among other things, ruling pens, scissors and paper - as well as the frequent use of a hole punch machine. M.M.Malvin has an unpretentious relationship with art, probably because of his business-minded father, who often exchanged cakes for art: When artists in the area were getting married or having a baby baptism, they needed cakes - and many paid with art as currency. "Look at this wedding cake, that's a piece of art!", His father could say. "Tomorrow it'll be swirling around in the sewer. If you think art is sacred, then go get yourself a cow! ” 

M.M.Malvin is a graduate of Wolf dekorasjonskole, Westerdal's reklameskole, Parsons School of Design in New York, The New School of Social Science in New York and the Chicago Art Institute - where he graduated in 1986. Since then, he has regularly delivered works to Oslo's newspapers, at times for several simultaneously. He has also illustrated several books. He has held a number of exhibitions, and received scholarships and awards from Parsons, The New School, Norsk illustrasjonsfond, Guldblyanten, Grafill, Oslo Bildende Kunstnere and Tegnerforbundet. He currently has a painting studio at Studio 11 at Rosenhoff in Oslo.