Margreta Stølen

Feb 6, 2014


Mar 2, 2014

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Lucid Nightmares

Objects and animals swap places with what is terrifying about humans in real life. The evil in the pictures often changes to tiction and is turned into beasts and objects when there is something frightening in the drawing's theme. It is in the fiction that the drawings turn into an unreality that thaws in the nightmare. The objects can be interpreted as an incarnation of trauma, a person or a frightening event. Even if the person is gone or traumatic experiences are in the past, they are present in the objects. The unpleasant has become immortalized and lives in things.

Margreta Stølen (b. 1980) was educated at Central St. Martins in London. She has had several group and solo exhibitions in Norway and abroad. She lives and works in Oslo.