Mattias Eliasson

Oct 1, 2021


Nov 7, 2021

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Exhibition opening 30.09 at 6pm.



In this exhibition, the artist explores time and the aspect of time by examining what it is that exists right now. He does this through what he himself calls tasteless aesthetics in an installation that mixes sculpture, text and drawing. The artist's assemblage is everyday objects that he finds around him. These mass-produced materials are recycled through a machining process. Eliasson's found objects have a low status and may appear as rubbish to some, but Eliasson gives them a new meaning. In this one can read a critique of the unsustainable over everything that is produced in our time. By giving an object a new status, the artist encourages the audience to reflect. The artist mixes a fleeting and spontaneous expression with more elaborate and time-consuming objects. Thus, our time aspect is challenged. This is a challenging and a surprising exhibition, which tries to make us reflect and get us out of our comfort zone.

vid en vandrande lampa syns hela rummets höjd, upptagen av fläckar med beläggning, torna upp sig över väggen som med sitt dörrhandtag har möjlighet att öppna och oväntat släppa in ett ännu större stycke. 
ramlande rör sig tillvaron i sidled, släpar sig framåt längs med golvet. 
slutet på sagans start på sömnen, takhöjdens värmande ånga blev som vägen igensnöad men öppnades när ljuset föll igenom, ett slutet hav med en stig i mitten. 
lövverk som ingen vind slår emot, en avgrund intill skenet ifrån mittens roterande som blandas i hopsydd islossning.

(The text is an excerpt from the installation "Hörnan" which is shown in the exhibition.)

Mattias Eliasson (b. 1983 in Sweden) graduated from the Royal College of Art in Stockholm and from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. The artist has had a number of solo exhibitions in Sweden, and group exhibitions in Stockholm, Malmö and Amsterdam. Now he is exhibiting for the first time in Norway. Eliasson lives and works from Malmö.

The exhibition is supported by the Artists' Committee and the Längmanska Kulturfonden Foundation.

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On the occasion of the exhibition, numermagasin.no did an interview with Mattias Eliasson.