Øyet i hånden

Jan 6, 2015


Jan 25, 2015

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Øyet i hånden

The Art Academy in Tromsø open the exhibition year at Tegnerforbundet. The academy has invited visual artist Andreas Siqueland to lead eight students towards this exhibition. His starting point has been to consider how the Academy has lost the nude model as a common object of study. Attempts have been made for decades to fill this vacuum with other elements. In recent times, an examination of the pedagogical model and critical theory has been a popular discussion. The subject of drawing has been neglected in many institutions and many academies no longer have their own drawing professor. This is paradoxical, as awareness and reflection over one's own practice is also about developing one's visual skills, where drawing is fundamental. "Drawing is learning to see. It has been a very fundamental part of my own development as an artist. Many years ago, before I even started at the academy, I often went to draw nude models at the Architects' House in Oslo. One of the participants was the architect Sverre Fehn. He explained to me that drawing was about "having one's eye in one's hand". What this really meant, however, was unclear to me. I have used Fehn's statement as a starting point for our joint investigation", says Siqueland.