Signe Parkins

Apr 16, 2021


May 30, 2021

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In Signe Parkin's first exhibition in Norway, she presents 14 works. Her drawings are an encounter with memories and recollections from childhood that are themed into a universal and general experience. In Parkin's anthropomorphic world, animals and humans have merged and ingested each other's form and body, which are woven into nature. The toned-down use of color makes the line appear clear and the material is depicted with a whimsical organic line. Through Parkin's serial survey, a picture of memory and wonder is drawn.

Just before I fall asleep, I find myself in Grandma's allotment garden. In the cool house. The curtains are faded. In the window sill are dead flies. From the porch I step out into the warm grass. I promised Grandma to mow the grass and remove the dandelions. Grandma and I walk out of the gate, cross the bike path, and move through the tall June grass down to the boat dock. The wooden boat tilts when we step into it. We hold on to the reeds so we do not tip over and also use them to pull the boat out on the lake. We take turns rowing. The boat is leaking. Occasionally we pause and splash water back into the lake with a yellow plastic shovel.

With memories related to my childhood in my grandmother's company and her allotment garden no. 99 by Brabrandsøen in Aarhus, I try to arrange and illustrate the stages of life in a series of works. I am inspired by botanical illustrations and the works serve as outlines of experiences and emotions. (Signe Parkins)

Signe Parkins (1979) lives and works in Aarhus (DK). She graduated from the Colchester Institute of Fine Art in England (2001) and as an illustrator from the Kolding School of Design in 2007. Parkins has won particularly great recognition for her serial picture stories, and in 2018 won the award for "Best Comic of the Year". She has just won the Ministry of Culture's Illustrator Award for her work on the picture book Blomsten som elsker mig . She has published several experimental books which she has exhibited in various contexts. Among other things, the exhibition Drømmebøger with the art book GRØDE at Den Sorte Diamant, Copenhagen (2020), the solo exhibition Du er tegner i Vennepunkt, Copenhagen (2019) and the group exhibition Hjemstavn at SAK Kunstbygning, Svendborg, DK (2018).   

Events during the exhibition period

20.05 at 17.30 - 19.30: Digital drawing course for adults with Signe Parkins.

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On the occasion of the exhibition, numermagasin.no has conducted an interview with Signe Parkins.