Steffen Kverneland

Jun 6, 2019


Jul 7, 2019

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Exhibition opening Thursday 6 June at 6pm.


Tegnerforbundet are pleased to present the exhibition Selvbilder by Steffen Kverneland. The exhibition shows Kverneland's eminent lines and autobiographical depictions from comics from his early youth until today, and will also contain unpublished material. Kverneland says about the exhibition:

The exhibition shows a wide selection of self-portraits, illustrations and comics about and with myself, made in the last decades. The works range from the silly, staged and ironic, to the sincere, trusting and realistic.

The main weight of the works is taken from "Slyngel" (2002), "Kanon" (2006-2012), "Munch" (2013) and "En frivillig død" (2018). In addition, there will be a separate selection with hitherto unpublished samples from the series I am working on now.

Already as a child I drew my first autobiographical caricatures and comic strips, but it was only in the mid-90s that I seriously started making autobiographical comics. I immediately discovered that I got to cover a lot. Both the environmental depictions and the character drawings became richer and more credible. There is a reason why writers and artists have always used models. There is something about "the real thing", places that exist in reality, people who have breathed and lived, things that have actually happened. It adds an extra dimension.

Reality is more surprising, unpredictable and rich than imagination. More original. There are no "ordinary" people in reality. There is always something strange about people, something unique, and not just the appearance. Every life is dramatic for the person who lives it.

                                                                                       - Steffen Kverneland

Steffen Kverneland (b. 1963) is an award-winning draftsman, illustrator and cartoonist. Kverneland is self-taught and has freelanced for newspapers, magazines and publishers. He has illustrated several books, and has been a regular illustrator for Nationen, Dagbladet and Dag og Tid. Kverneland has created many comic books, such as Slyngel , Amputerte Klassikere I-IV , Olaf G and Kanon 1-5 (together with Lars Fiske). His latest books, Munch and En frivillig død , have given Kverneland an international audience. Kverneland has participated in a number of exhibitions and has been purchased by, among others, The National Museum and the National Library. This is his first separate exhibition in Tegnerforbundet .

The exhibition is supported by Norwegian Illustration Fund. 

Events during the exhibition period

Thursday 13 June at 17.30: conversation between Erle Marie Sørheim, Rune Johan Andersson and Steffen Kverneland.

Tegnerforbundet has guided tours every Wednesday at 16.30 pm. during the exhibition period. For updates on current events, check our website and Facebook.

The events are free and open to everyone.