Svein Nyhus and Egil Nyhus

Oct 31, 2013


Nov 24, 2013

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NYHUS & NYHUS – picture book illustrations and newspaper drawings

Tegnerforbundet are proud to present the twin brothers Nyhus' first exhibition together. Svein Nyhus shows illustrations from picture books, as well as selected illustrations from the Ylvis book "What does the fox say?" which will be launched on Thursday 14 November. Egil Nyhus shows newspaper comments, caricatures and children's book drawings from the Kaptein Sabeltann books. Most of the works included in the exhibition are for sale.

The brothers were born in Tønsberg in 1962 and studied at the School of Arts and Crafts 1981–1985. They have since been full-time illustrators and received several awards, including the Brage prize, the Bokkunst prize and the newspaper drawing of the year. Egil's illustrations are characterized by lush imagination and humour, and for 20 years he has, among other things, was the main artist for the popular character Captain Sabretooth. Svein's work is characterized by poetic wonder and expressive use of symbols. He has been nominated for the Astrid Lindgren memorial prize and the HC Andersen medal several times. Both emphasize the artist's craft and the desire to communicate broadly.