Tegnerforbundets utvalgte 2021

Jan 21, 2022


Mar 6, 2022

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Opening 20.1 at 18/ Afterparty at Misfornøyelsesbar.

Welcome to the exhibition Tegnerforbundets utvalgte 2021. This is the 5th time we arrange this event, celebrating the publication of comics and picture books. The jury - consisting of Tord Torpe, Nora Brech, Berit Petersheim and Eva Stenlund Thorsen - has selected 12 outstanding books for this year’s exhibition.

With the exhibition, we want to promote the visual book as a separate art form, as well as contribute to increased knowledge in the discourse about this field. This year's selected books show great variety and a variety of themes and forms of expression ranging from beautiful and imaginative picture books, adaptation of trauma after terror, cartoon documentaries, sci-fi, satire, historical fiction, existential challenges and depictions of growing up. Common to the books is that it is the visual that is the main element in the stories. The selected books are not ranked and no winners are announced.

In the exhibition, all the books will be available together with selected originals, sketches and digital drawings. In our project room, we arrange video interviews with the artists behind the books.

Didrik Magnus- Andresen will frame the gallery room with an original work drawn directly on the gallery’s window facade.

Comment from this year's professional jury:

This year's selected books overflow with creative joy and wealth of detail. The books are filled to the brim with drawings and it is as if the drawings will burst out of the format. The selection shows deeply personal stories, to more political and documentary narratives and drawing and story references from both East and West. The artists have drawn analogue and others have drawn digitally. Some have mixed techniques, cut out, pasted back in. The strokes are fast, slow, delicate, funny, sketchy, detailed, organic, graphic, technical, colorful, In other words; the books have an insanely fantastic variety of expressions!

Tegnerforbundets utvalgte 2021:

• Lene Ask, O bli hos meg , No Comprendo Press

• Christian Hovden Bloom, Bloom 2016-2020 , Belhamel Press AS in collaboration with Cappelens Forslag

• Nora Dåsnes, Missed Call , Aschehoug Forlag

• Thomas Falla Eriksen, Skare , Strand Forlag

• Mari Kanstad Johnsen, Dyrene sover , Aschehoug Forlag

• Sunniva Sunde Krogseth, Nattsvermerne , Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

• Steffen Kverneland, Brillegeit , No Comprendo Press

• Sigbjørn Lilleeng, Intrenger , Ena Forlag

• Didrik Magnus- Andresen, Ultima Thule , Jippi Forlag

• Christopher Nielsen, Weltschmerz # 10 A , No Comprendo Press

• Skinkeape, Bak den svarte porten , Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

• Øyvind Torseter, Mulanosaurus Rex , Cappelen Damm


Illustration: Didrik Magnus-Andresen.



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On the occasion of the exhibition, we have conducted video interviews with some of the participants in the exhibition. The film will be shown in the gallery during the exhibition period.

Video production: KUNSTDOK / Jon Marius Nilsson
English subtitles: Rosanna Vibe
The film is supported by: Norwegian Illustration Fund