Tegnerforbundets utvalgte 2023

Jan 26, 2024


Mar 17, 2024

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Opening Thursday 25.01., 18-20.

Opening speech by Siri Dokken.


Tegnerforbundet - The Norwegian Drawing Center is delighted to introduce the seventh edition of Tegnerforbundets utvalgte which opens on January 25th and runs until March 17th, 2024. In the exhibition, we present what the jury considers to be the best picture books and comics published in the previous year. In total, twelve comics and picture books have been selected, and the exhibition displays original works, sketches and digital artworks that have been created in connection with these. This year's jury consists of Anja Dahle Øverbye, Ane Barstad Solvang, Aksel Kielland and Siri Dokken.

The selected books are:

Zarina Saidova, Et godt sted, Træsh forlag
Annika Linn Verdal Homme, Bilde av en brennende Tesla, (author: Fanny Vaager), Aschehoug
Øyvind Torseter, Dronefangeren, Cappelen Damm
Herman Breda Enkerud, Du har ingen makt i denne situasjonen, Foot Books
Kaia Dahle Nyhus, Harehjerte, (author: Gro Dahle), Cappelen Damm
Ronja Svenning Berge, Hvis det ikke brenner, Gyldendal
Vanessa Baird, I get along without you very well, No Comprendo Press
Mette Hellenes, Le printemps, l'été, l'automne, l'hiver, No Comprendo Press
Trond Bredesen, Mora mi, No Comprendo Press
Sigbjørn Lilleeng, Nagel: Storm og skygger, Strand forlag
Bendik Kaltenborn, Sykt nais, No Comprendo Press
Anja Dahle Øverbye, Tarjei, 13 år, Samlaget 


About Tegnerforbundets utvalgte 2023

The exhibition is a tribute to the rich diversity of comics and picture books, highlighting the visual book as an independent art form. Our aim is to expand the body of knowledge and further the discourse in this field. We want to create a space for artists and the public to explore and celebrate the inherent creativity in comics and picture books. We will not rank the selected works, and no winners are declared. We see each book as a unique contributor to the rich spectrum of visual literature. 

In addition to the works on display, the audience gets an insight into the artists' creative processes in the form of video interviews with the participants of the exhibition. Øyvind Torseter will create a site-specific drawing on the gallery's window facade.

The selected books will be available to the public in the gallery throughout the exhibition period.


The jury's comments on last year's comic book releases

What really stands out in last year's comic book releases is the diversity and variety. More voices are now given a platform, and this is reflected in a wide range of aesthetic expressions.

There has been a development where underground projects have suddenly found their way into the big publishing houses. This tendency has led to an increase in less groomed, hairier projects that previously might not have been considered by conventional publishers. This brings freshness and originality to the industry.

Something that has emerged in 2023 is a kind of purely visual narrative that avoids traditional scripts. Several releases excel at creating intimate and personal stories without being awkward or intrusive. These publications take the readers into a deeply personal and at the same time universal human experience.

A particular strength of last year's publications is the link between the personal and the political. The cartoonists have finally shed their fear of being personal, yet they avoid falling into clichés. This creates a unique dynamic where the personal becomes political, and comics become a powerful medium for conveying deep, meaningful stories. All in all, 2023's releases provide an exciting and diverse picture of an ever-evolving art form.


Files to download:


Illustration: Øyvind Torseter.


On the occasion of the exhibition, we had a chat with participants in the exhibition about their approach to drawing and their process from first idea to finished book. The film will be shown in the gallery during the exhibition period.

Video production: KUNSTDOK / Jon Marius Nilsson
English subtitles: Rosanna Vibe