Tegnerforbundets utvalgte , bildebøker 2020

Jan 29, 2021


Mar 14, 2021

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Tegnerforbundet welcomes you to the exhibition Tegnerforbundets utvalgte , bildebøker 2020 . This is the fourth time we are collecting visual books from all over the country, and this is a unique opportunity to see the best of drawing and illustration art in book form.

In this exhibition, we define picture books as books where the visual is the main element in the story. With the exhibition, we want to celebrate the diversity of visual releases, as well as highlight the picture book as a separate art form. The jury has selected 12 of around 200 releases in 2020 that they believe have excelled. In the exhibition, we show both drawings from the selected books, and all picture book publications from last year.
The exhibition sheds light on the work process from the creators inner vision to the finished picture book. We also present meetings with the exhibition's participants in the form of video interviews shown in Tegnerforbundets project room during the period.

In addition, Anders Kvammen, currently in the exhibition with the book Jobb , will decorate the gallery room with an original drawing drawn directly on the gallery's window facade.

Selected exhibitors:

Anders Kvammen, Jobb, No Comprendo

Annette Saugestad Helland, Hvordan temme en fetter, Gyldendal

Charlie Roberts , Bokstavene, Aschehoug

Jens K Styve , Ronny Haugeland , Trine Lise Normann , Sidequest - det midlertidige brorskap , Egmont

Jenny Jordahl , Hva skjedde egentlig med deg? , Cappelen Damm

Kristian Krohg- Sørensen , Gulosten - Gentlemansforbryteren , No Comprendo

Lars Fiske , Mitt liv som tegning , No Comprendo

Sunniva Sunde Krogseth , Naturinstruksjoner , Blokk forlag

Thomas Falla Eriksen , Enki , Jippi

Tommy Sydsæter , Rhesus Minus & Tommy Tusj , Toppspinn

Tuva Synnevåg , Tidevann , Jippi

Vanessa Baird , There's no place like home , No Comprendo

This year's professional jury: Inga Sætre, Lene Ask, Tord Torpe

The exhibition is supported by Norwegian Illustration Fund. 

(Illustration: Anders Kvammen)


On the occasion of the exhibition Tegnerforbundets utvalgte , bildebøker 2020 , we produced video interviews with participating artists in the exhibition.

Video production: Christopher Stensli

Digital tour through the exhibition " Tegnerforbundets utvalgte , bildebøker 2020 ".

Video production: Christopher Stensli