Tegnetriennalen 2019 - Marthe Ramm Fortun and Andrea Galiazzo

Nov 10, 2019


Jan 19, 2020

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Exhibition opening Saturday 09 November at 2 p.m.

The exhibition Leda og Svanen by Marthe Ramm Fortun and Andrea Galiazzo, which opens in Tegnerforbundet Saturday 9 November at 2 pm, is an important part of Human Touch - Tegnetriennalen 2019. In this strong and personal exhibition, the artists have let the crossroads artistic life and practice, be the starting point.

This project, which disposes the whole of Tegnerforbundet , shows the fluid boundaries between artistic practice and life - being an artist and a parent. Specifically, it springs from a stay at the residency program Cité in Paris, where Marthe Ramm Fortun and Andrea Galiazzo lived with their two-year-old daughter Leda for five months in 2018. The role of artist slides into the parenting role's ongoing and responsible approach to freedom, vulnerability and upbringing, as everyday precarious demands must be administered. The exhibition reflects a constant reflection on the status, value and production of art, and directs a critical look at who actually sets the premises. An important undercurrent is thus the skewed distribution between female and male artists in terms of attention and financial speculation, in connection with art collections and purchasing policy. Perceptions of the man's privileged position seem to be maintained by pure automaticity.


Specifically, Fortun and Galiazzo show a larger drawing made by their daughter during their stay at Cité, where solid paper was hung on the walls in the parents' studio. This practical diversion for the daughter simultaneously thematizes the core of creativity and the daily work with art, a rebus trail of ad hoc solutions and potential emancipation.


The artists also show flags with different motifs on Karl Johans gate in the exhibition's first week, then moved to Tegnerforbundet . Public statements flutter in relief towards the castle, the Storting and other symbolic institutions. In addition, an ongoing program with workshops and conversations will develop a thinking based on the children's drawing's actual production conditions.