Truls Rukke Hjelmark

Mar 15, 2018


Apr 22, 2018

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Exhibition opening at Thursday 15 March at 6 pm.


The observant art viewer has all been given a taste of Truls Rukke Hjelmark's richly detailed and slightly overpopulated universe at the Autumn Exhibition in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, it is the Designers' Association's turn, and we look forward to getting lost in Rukke Hjelmark's fantastic world.

Truls Rukke Hjelmark spends a lot of his time on drawing and collage. He himself claims that all his works are really one big, fragmented work. In Tegnerforbundet he mainly shows new pencil works. Thematically, Limits to Growth and cargo cults are mixed with surrealism, modern myths and an increasingly "herpa" biosphere. The drawings give a multifaceted look into a place where science fiction, Ducktown and madness tessellate. A neurotic epic, interspersed with fresh colors.

Truls Rukke Hjelmark (born 1985) is a graduate of the graphics department at the Oslo Academy of the Arts, and lives and works in Oslo. He has participated in several group and group exhibitions at home and abroad.

Events during the exhibition period 

Tegnerforbundet holds open tours every Wednesday at 4.30 pm during the exhibition period. For updates on current events, stay tuned to our website and Facebook.