Vanna Bowles and Linn Cecilie Ulvin

May 10, 2013


Jun 2, 2013

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Dark vision and herbariums without names

Bowles and Ulvin connect literature and visual arts. They are interested in the relationship between nature and culture, and their works often explore human psychological processes and relationships. In the exhibition at Tegnerforbundet they are concerned with power relations and transcendence, both between expressions and as thematic traces. The exhibition consists of text, drawing, photography, objects and sound, and is centered around a collage and a creative process. Here, relationships between text and visuality, fiction and reality, present and past are explored. Bowles and Ulvin use nature as a metaphor for the inner life of the soul, and alternate between a look that is scientific and observational, and intimate and emotional at the same time. The exhibition is shown in a relatively small room. It reinforces the idea of an inside and an outside. At the opening, a performance in the form of a reading will be shown in this room.

BOWLES OG ULVIN will participate this summer in the exhibition Kvinnelige pionierer at Lillehammer Art Museum. Here they show collaborations and separate works. They began their collaboration in 2010 with the book Wild Tree, published by Angelika Knäper Gallery, and have since carried out two art projects in the public space, the installations Vokseskapet (2011) and Den taktile porten (2013-2014).

VANNA BOWLES (b. 1974) is a visual artist. She works with drawing, sculpture and installation. The visual language is figurative and surreal, often with elements of optical effects that reinforce the illusionistic nature of the works. Bowles is educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. She has had solo exhibitions i.a. at Galleri Thomassen in Gothenburg (2011), Angelika Knäper Gallery in Stockholm (2010), and Hordaland Art Center (2010). She has participated in the exhibitions Spår at Malmø Art Museum (2011), Helsinki Biennale (2008), Beijing International Art Biennal (2008), and Surrealism in Norwegian Art at the Stenersen Museum (2010). Bowles has also been represented at Art Amsterdam (2011), Market Art Fair in Stockholm (2009), and Art Copenhagen (2007), and she is, among other things, purchased by the Malmö Art Museum, the Norwegian Art Council and Statoil/Hydro.

LINN CECILIE ULVIN (b.1969) is a visual artist and writer. Her artistic practice consists of several media, and is developed and performed in links between text, visuality and performativity. She is interested in relationships around power and control on a relational level and in society in general and often mixes fiction and fact. She works with stagings that try out different points of view and identities in order to explore and problematize our understanding of reality. Ulvin is educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo and the Academy of Writing in Hordaland. She has a background in physical theater and has published two novels on Tiden forlag, Nærmere Kjærligheten (2005) and Himmelen bak er slitsomt blue (2001). Ulvin has, among other things, exhibited work in The Book Lovers Project at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp, Belgium (2012) and The Elisabethan Foundation, New York (2013), Die Weisse Residenz at Gemeinshaftshaus Gropiusstadt in Berlin (2012), Galleri Thomassen (2011), Hordaland Kunstsenter (2010) and Angelika Knäpper Gallery in Stockholm (2010).