Viriditas - The mystical in art

Apr 14, 2023


June 4, 2023

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Opening: 13/04/2023, 18-20.

In the exhibition Viriditas - The mystical in art, we present artists who work with the mystical, magical and spiritual as both theme and method. "Viriditas" is a Latin word meaning vitality, the green and freshness of nature, youthfulness and fertility. Hildegard Von Bingen (1098-1179) used the word to describe spiritual and physical health, in relation to the spiritual in nature. Expressing and having alternative spiritual freedom is political, feminist and socially critical. Recently, the spiritual in art has gained new ground in contemporary art, which we will highlight in the exhibition.

Artists in the exhibition:
Tia Berry
Simone Hooymans
Taru Kallio
Kornelia Remø Klokk
Päivi Laakso
Linda Morell
Sverre Malling
Astrid Mørland
Kate Elin Madsen
Amalie Vestergaard Olsen

Curators: Esra Duzen and Tanja Thorjussen.
Artistic jury: Esra Duzen, Tanja Thorjussen and Anders Kvammen.


Photo: Simone Hooymans. The Chapel of very small Creations . Animation. 2022. Animation. Photo: Simone Hooymans.