Artist of the Month : Robin Danielsson

Jul 1, 2020

Robin Danielsson (1983) works with painting and drawing, and has been a member of Tegnerforbundet since 2018. He often works with watercolor, oil pastel, acrylic, gouache and linoleum prints on large format paper. Repetitive elements such as floral patterns and ornamentation that evoke associations with folklore and rose painting can be both central image motifs and backgrounds in Danielsson's work. His works have a transparency, you could almost say freshness , over them, which is emphasized by bright and cool tones, which often stand against a black background. This graphic and at the same time "fresh" quality of the works is related to today's popular cultural expression, and creates a contrast to the older art-historical references in the pictures. Robin Danielsson lives and works in Oslo.

TF: Robin, can you tell us a little about your artistic work?

RD: I graduated from Valand Academy of the Arts and the Glasgow School of Art. I moved to Oslo in 2010 and have lived here and been active as an artist since then. I work mainly with drawing and painting. In recent years I have worked on paper in large format. The pictures are characterized by an open approach where I experiment with a combination of different techniques such as linoleum printing, drawing, painting and collage. I want to create a mysterious and bright universe where imagined and abstract motif choices flow into each other. Repetitive lines, organic shapes and figurative motifs are recurring elements in my drawings. I am interested in the images having a physical presence and a clear materiality, that they should take up space and be integrated with the architecture.


TF: How do you use drawing in your work? Tell us a little about your work process!

RD: For me, drawing is the foundation of my artistic work. I often work with a graphic design language in my drawings that contrasts with fluid, picturesque elements. I think of drawing as the supporting skeleton in my pictures. My work process usually starts on the floor where I moisten the paper and primer with transparent color. Furthermore, I build up the image layer by layer. The process is both random and planned. There are factors I can not completely control or monitor. I want to make room for improvisation and whimsy during the work and it is important to me that I do not hide doubts or mistakes in the finished result. It may be this that "does" the work itself.


TF: What inspires you? Do you work from a theme?

RD: New ideas often arise based on previous works. In a way, you could say that all my works from recent years are part of the same series. The latest drawings show the way to new ones. In my artistic practice, the studio is central to me. I need continuity and a place to go to where I can be surrounded by my photos. As a starting point, it is often trials of different techniques that lead me to new motive choices. Today, I see my work more as opportunities to test different ideas than to create the "final" work. I also often work on a series of drawings at the same time.

Around the studio I have art books lying around. They serve as inspiration and as a point of reference. It can be anything from William Blake, Sigmar Polke or Zandra Rhodes. They can be guides and important to me in the initial phase of a new work. A reminder of something I want or a path I want to go. It can be a mood or an interesting color combination that gives me new ideas.


TF: What are you currently working on?

RD: Over the past year I have worked with a public decoration for Lørenskog church, an outdoor granite floor work of approx. 40 sqm. The work will be completed during the autumn of 2020. Now it remains just getting it produced, it gets really exciting. I will also be at Hvitsten Salong in end of July 2020.


TF: What does drawing (drawing) mean for you / your work?

RD: Drawing is my main form and it is constantly present in my life. To me, drawing is both a collective and social act and a solitary necessity. It is a way to interact with others and an opportunity to be at peace. I have always liked both.


TF: Tell us a little about your work in Tegnerforbundet's sales department!

RD: The work in Tegnerforbundet's sales department is a series that I have been working on in recent months. They are made with acrylic, watercolor and gouache on paper. They all relate to recurring themes in my work that revolve around transience, nature, body, imprints and traces.


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