The nominees for comic of the year

May 15, 2024

The nominees for Comic Book of the Year 2024 are ready! The award will be presented during Oslo Comics Expo, June 5-8 by Serieteket (Deichman Grünerløkka), Grafill and Tegnerforbundet. The prize goes to a Norwegian cartoonist who has excelled at a high professional level. The award comes with a cash prize of NOK 30,000. Tegnerforbundet is represented on the jury by board member Anders Kvammen.

Sigbjørn Lilleeng: Nagel 2 - No way back

Strand publishing house

Jury's statement:
Sigbjørn Lilleeng's style has now become so good that we can safely call this masterpiece ... Lilleengsk! With Nagel 2, the jury believes that we are entering a classic series. Although the cartoonist has claimed to be inspired by greats such as Jeff Smith, the Nagel universe is never unoriginal.Lilleeng knows how to take young readers seriously all the way in a very well-crafted sci-fi full of literary devices that mirror our own society.


Trond Bredesen: My mom

No Comprendo Press

Jury's statement:
Trond Bredesen, who has worked with illustration for a number of years, makes a strong debut as a cartoonist with the book Morami. With a superb blend of vulnerability and humor, he depicts his mother's old age with a masterful line. Dialogue is sparse, but the images give us depth and a rich spectrum of different emotions. We are taken deep into the intimate sphere where, as readers, we experience some of the same discomfort as the relatives, but thanks to the love and respect behind the story, it does not feel intrusive.


Øyvind Torseter: The Drone Catcher

Cappelen Damm

Jury statement:
With "Dronefangeren" (The Drone Catcher), Øyvind Torseter plays on familiar elements from the pandemic, the zombie apocalypse and the fairytale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and masterfully spins it into a unique story. You constantly discover new details in the rich drawings and the story conveys humor and seriousness in a beautiful union. This is a book that can be read several times and is equally suitable for children and adults.

Kjersti Synneva Moen: Seize the day

Aschehoug publishing house

Jury statement:
Live life to the fullest! Kjersti Synneva Moen makes a strong debut with a colorful graphic novel about the difficult last years of growing up. With a stylistically confident pen, she pokes fun at swear words, mansplaining and art schools. It's universal and good, and as readers we root for Amalie, the book's cool protagonist, throughout the book.


Martin Ernstsen: But who are you?

Gyldendal publishing house

The jury's reasoning:

Martin Ernstsen masterfully depicts his close father's Alzheimer's diagnosis. Although painful at times, Ernstsen's book masterfully balances memorable moments from the past with inspired, detailed drawings that leave the reader wanting more from the start.The portrayal of a father-son relationship that has been difficult at times adds extra depth and tension to the story. With this highly personal book, Ernstsen establishes himself as a highly skilled cartoonist who has mastered the art of creating captivating graphic novels about interpersonal drama.


Illustration: Kristoffer Kjølberg.