Artist of the Month : Kristin Wexelsen Goksøyr

Apr 6, 2021

Kristin Wexelsen Goksøyr (1965) is a graduate of the Norwegian School of Crafts and Design in Oslo, where she has a major in free drawing. Wexelsen Goksøyr is a sculptor, which is reflected in the drawings. It is a rhythmic play with form, surfaces and space that characterizes the works of art. The result is an abstract and organic expression. It gives associations to something you can almost identify, and facing the artwork you want to understand and understand what you see. But not at the same time, because there is something disturbing and slightly frightening here. Wexelsen Goksøyr's art characterizes this tension between the beautiful and the destroyed, the safe and recognizable against the more questionable and disturbed. These are images that affect you, here you will always find new reflections. Kristin works today from Nittedal. More information about Kristin Wexelsen Goksøyr here.

TF: Kristin, can you tell us a little about your artistic practice?    

KWG: As a visual artist, I alternate between working with drawing and sculpture. I have previously worked in many different materials such as glass, lead, copper, steel, silver, porcelain, bronze, stone and drawing with oil pastel, pencil and charcoal. Gradually, I have become more interested in exploring form, and in this work I have mostly chosen to draw with a pencil on paper and to model in plasticine, which I then cast in plaster or bronze, or use as a starting point for working in stone.

Many of my works can be seen as a play with abstract, organic forms. They are created over time, in an associative process where one takes the other. There is a kind of exploration of forces that pull in different directions: Soft, heavy, falling - versus the more active, where something bursts outward, or is held back, or contracts. Life and growth, but also decay and destruction, are often central themes.

The works can give a feeling of something almost recognizable. By many, they are perceived as low-key, quiet and sensual, but also disturbing. Behind it is a desire for them to create wonder.

TF: How do you use drawing in your work? Tell us a little about your work process.

KWG: My work processes often start with sketches in small formats. I sketch and look for what I am looking for. The sketches then become the starting point for works in larger formats, both drawing and sculpture.

‍ TF: What inspires you? Do you work from a theme?

KWG: I am inspired by things I see in nature or more urban environments, other artists' works, my own works, architecture, film, images and random things I come across. I see something that corresponds or harmonizes with something I am unconsciously or consciously seeking, and that initiates thoughts about images and forms I want to try out.  

TF: What are you currently working on?

KWG: I am working on a series of drawings and sculptures for my next solo exhibition which will be at Buskerud Kunstsenter in October this year.

TF: What does drawing (drawing) mean for you / your work?  

KWG: I like the immediate and direct part of drawing. The material is no obstacle. I do not have to plan and construct to arrive at what I am looking for. I see the consequence of what I have done immediately, and there is a communication between me and the drawing. I start with an idea, try it out on the sheet, and adjust when I see where it leads.

TF: Tell us a little about your work in Tegnerforbundet's sales department!

KWG: I have two very different drawings in Tegnerforbundet's sales department now. In the work "Silent Life", I explore something heavy and tough that says and pulls down - forces hold back and give in. I usually use to draw with a gray pencil on paper, but in the work "Untitled 2" I play with red color in contrast to the gray.


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