Nominated for the Art Critics' Prize 2022

Apr 13, 2023

We are proud to announce that the exhibition Material Sensitivity and Material Power with the Sami artist Iver Jåks, which was shown in Tegnerforbundet in the period 28.10-22.12.2022, has been nominated for the Art Critics' Prize 2022. The exhibition was curated by Hanne Hammer Stien and Kristoffer Dolmen.

The reasons for the nomination:

The retrospective exhibition Material Sensitivity and Material Power was of a caliber usually reserved for much larger institutions, based on extensive archival work from several different collections. The many working sketches of knife scraps, cups and other duodji, monumental outdoor sculptures and decorations, emphasized how drawing was fundamental both in Jåk's artistic production, but also as a tool for getting to know one's own cultural history, formal traditions and surroundings; as a way of sensing the world. Although the exhibition took place in a media-specific venue, the presentation carried with it the transgressive spirit of Iver Jåks, where different parts of his rich artistic oeuvre were brought together, and sketches and drawings were placed side by side with delicate duodji, and both grand and more secretive wood and stone sculptures. Even with a relatively small space available, the exhibition succeeded in accommodating much of Jåk's diverse work.

By including artists Laila Labba, niilas helander and Kurt Hermansen, the exhibition brought Jåk's work into contact with other generations of Sami artists. In addition, an accompanying seminar in Oslo on Iver Jåk's practices and work further laid the foundation for a resumption of the artist's pioneering work.

Participating artists: Iver Jåks, Laila Labba, niilas helander and Kurt Hermansen.


The exhibition is nominated together with the following exhibitions:

  • Hannah Ryggen Triennale 2022: Unweaving the Binary Code, Kunsthall Trondheim
  • The Savage Eye: The Munch Museum

Read the full press release on the website of the Norwegian Critics' Association.


Illustration. From left: Iver Jåks, "Material Sensitivity and Material Power", Hannah Ryggen Triennial 2022: "Unweaving the Binary Code", Munch Museum "The Savage Eye".