NUMER received an award for professional communication

Mar 25, 2022

We congratulate our magazine NUMER which received the Journal Association´s  (Tidsskriftforeningen) award for professional communication and ability to reach its own target group.

Editor Fredrik Rysjedal

‍ Design for paper magazine Aud Gloppen and Laila Mjøs

‍ Design for online magazine Magnus Nyquist

‍ Published by Tegnerforbundet

The jury's reasoning:
Everyone has the right to enjoy art, as stated in Article 27 of the UN Convention on Human Rights. And that's just it Numer contribute to.

Through engaging texts and an accessible format, the magazine entices both the initiated and the uninitiated into an educational and exciting art experience. The playful leader columns show the way in, and the beautiful design and the varied illustrations keep the reader captivated to the last page. The 2021 vintage of Numer shows Norwegian drawing, illustration and book art in all their vibrant diversity. Numer excites and impresses.

Read more about NUMER here.