Sep 16, 2021

Exhibition venue: Tegnerforbundet

Opening: August 18, 2022.

Curator group: Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen, Mari Kanstad Johnsen and Viktor Pedersen.


Utopia is an ideal society, a description of a good society, or the form of society an individual or a group longs for, or tries to realize. In everyday speech and political rhetoric, "utopia" and "utopian" are often used to characterize - and define - certain ideas and ideals as unrealistic or unrealizable "

Pronunciation: utopˈi
ETYMOLOGY: of Greek puns on ou-topos, 'not-place', and eu-topos, 'good place'

Wikipedia defines utopia as the notion of a state of happiness, or a perfect place. Is a perfect place an actual, physical place, or can it also be a mental sphere? And how can one achieve happiness?

Artists are among society's visionaries. Often cross-border, provocative, with an alternative view of the world. Artists have presented unexpected thoughts and ideas, and have investigated issues that no one else has dared to address. Utopian ideas can be perceived as unrealistic and unattainable in their time. But history has shown that artists precisely through free thought and the artistic outcome of these have been guides in the development of the world community, especially in architecture, and sci-fi in literature. Tegnerforbundet wants to explore utopian dreams, places, conditions and futures in contemporary art.
What is utopia now? What can art contribute? What do you dream about? What are the ingredients for a happy life for the future? What can the world (if the world is relevant anymore) look like in 500, 1000, 5000 years?

With this we search for practitioners and expressions that in various ways approach the above questions or associations to these. We want to see the transcendent, the cautious, the wild, the kind, the strange and the dangerous, their exploration of the utopian. The drawing association wants both drawing in the traditional sense, and work that expands and challenges the concept of drawing.

You are hereby invited.


An application for an open call is submitted via Tegneforbundet's application portal. The application deadline is 1 November 2021, at 23:59. The curatorial group will evaluate the submitted proposals.


The application must contain:

Project description (max. 2000 characters with spaces), sketches / pictures (max. 5 pcs) and CV.

Applications can include both finished works that relate to the theme, or sketches of projects you want to show in the exhibition.

Go to the application portal.