Victor Guzman receives scholarship from PEDRO's memorial fund

Dec 16, 2022

We congratulate our member Victor Guzman (1987) on the Tegnerforbundet's scholarship from PEDRO's memorial fund of NOK 20,000!

The jury's reasoning:

The jury was very enthusiastic about Victor Guzman's drawings. In his pictures, he evokes an intricate atmosphere where human relationships unfold in a distinctive way.

Guzman has concrete plans for what he will use the scholarship for and we have great confidence in his further development.

We are pleased to award Pedro fond 2022 to Victor Guzman and we look forward to following his artistic practice further.

About the scholarship:

During the Second World War, Salo Grenning took the pseudonym Pedro, and he continued to use it as a stage name throughout his career. Pedro is perhaps best remembered for his work in VG, where his often satirical drawings were to be found in print from the newspaper's inception in 1945 until his death in 1986.

Pedro's memorial fund was established in 2001 by Tegnerforbundet on the basis of inherited funds from his widow Bjørg S. Støland. In line with her wish to support young drawing talents, the fund awards a grant to young artists who wish to further their education or develop further as draftsmen.

The scholarship is reserved for Tegnerforbundet members.