Drawing Biennale 2008

Apr 4, 2008


May 11, 2008

Drawing Biennale 2008

Organizer: Tegnerforbundet in collaboration with Kunstnernes hus

Venue: Kunstnernes Hus

Jury: Paul Brand, Hanne Lydia O. Kristoffersen, Geir Yttervik and Kjetil Skøien


Theme:The drawing biennial had no title. There was free submission of works and projects that explore, expand and treat the concept of drawing in both traditional and non-traditional techniques.

The range of expressions in the biennial was great. The following text from the Drawing Biennial's jury described this year's biennial: “It is clear to see that the rich narrative tradition in England has gained ground among younger artists here in Norway as well. The cinematic and surreal have gained many performers in recent years. In drawing, new trends are quickly captured. The drawing's many possibilities for a narrowing and deepening of form problems are also present in the exhibition. The same is true of the expanded use of materials that have long been part of the props in the studio, but are now being used in more baroque ways. Masking tape becomes the starting point for installation. Paper is used to build complex sculptures and installations. The volatile and non-volatile are made the main component of art production. Commitment to the environment is also a tendency the jury noticed. Site-specific works as well. The drawing leaves the sketch pad and spreads on large monumental wall surfaces. "

Participating artists: Kjersti Bergesen, Sigrid Bjørkedal, Christian Bould, Vanna Bowles, Mona Brekke, Ebba Bring, Karen I. Bye, Marte Eknæs, Ingrid M. Ekrem, Thomas Falstad, Sissel Fredriksen, Ingwill Gjelsvik, Stine Gonsholt, Ane Graff, Morten Hansen, Bjørn Hegardt, Malin Hjort, Ane Me. Hol, Torgeir Husevaag, Isabelle Inghilleri, Petter Johannisson, Susanna Kajermo, Anders / Andreas Kjellsvik / Siqueland, Hjørdis Kurås, Thomas Kvam, Ove Kvavik, Bo Magnus, Sverre Malling, Terje Moen, Veronika Moen, Kristin Nordhøy, Rune Olsen, Sinikka J Olsen, Angelica Olsson, Beate Petersen, Annika Simonsson, Mats J. Sivertsen, Martin Skauen, Elin Solvang, Anders Sommerfeldt, Anne-Karin Sundquist, Catrine Thorstensen, Kjell Varvin, Arne Vinnem

Catalog with introductory texts by the board in Tegnerforbundet and Maaretta Jaukkuri (director of KH). Design: Ulf Carlsson.

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