Drawing Triennial 2019

Nov 8, 2019


January 19, 2020

Drawing Triennial 2019

Organizer: Tegnerforbundet in collaboration with Kunstnernes Hus

Curator: Helga- Marie Nordby

Venues: Kunstnernes hus, Tegnerforbundet , Karl Johans gate

‍ Title : Human Touch

Date: 08.11 2019 - 19.01.2020

‍ Participating artists:

Filippa Barkman, Per Inge Bjørlo, Eirik Blekesaune, Louise Bourgeois, Jennie H. Bringaker , Peder K. Bugge, Ann Iren Buan, Liv Dessen, Marthe Ramm Fortun , Ida Madsen Følling, Andrea Galiazzo, Guttorm Guttormsgaard , Silje Hammer, Ane Hjort Guttu , Anna Carin Hedberg, Nina Heum, William Kentridge, Käthe Kollwitz, Ingeborg Annie Lindahl, Per Maning, Elisabeth Mathisen, Pierre Lionel Matte, Ana Mendieta, Gunnveig Nerol, Randi Nygård, Cecilia Jiménez Ojeda, Shwan Dler Qaradaki, Bendik Riis, Anngjerd Rustand , Bente Stokke, Per Teljer, Monica Winther, Vera Wyller and Ina Åsheim.

Exhibition in Tegnerforbundet / Karl Johans gate:
Marthe Ramm Fortun and Andrea Galiazzo:
‍ Leda and the Swan.
09.11.2019 - 19.01.2020

Guest performance at Kunstnernes Hus:
Ornaments of the Soul: Ornamental drawings in outsider art
08.11.2019 - 01.12.2019
Curated by Simone Ritter, TrastadSamlinger, Sør-Troms Museum

The archive's arabesque
06.12.2019 - 19.01.2020
Curated by Eilef Prestsæter, Guttormsgaard Archive

‍ Visual identity: Ariane Spanier.

Supporters: Kulturrådet, Sparebankstiftelsen, Oslo municipality, Fritt Ord and Bergesenstiftelsen.

An exhibition catalog, a program folder and an exhibition guide were created for the Drawing Triennial (buy here ). The exhibition catalog for the Drawing Triennial 2019 was a special issue of NUMER with i.a. artistic texts related to the triennial's theme (buy here ).


Event program "Før og etter streken" during the Drawing Triennial 2019:


Sunday 12.01.2020 Tegnerforbundet invited to a meeting between Ria Pacquée and Liv Bugge in the exhibition "Leda and the Swan" by Marthe Ramm Fortun and Andrea Galiazzo.



Conference 15.-17. November 2019 at Sentralen and Kunstnernes Hus

Organizers: Tegnerforbundet / Drawing Triennial and TextLab

Collaborators: Tate and Center for the Less Good idea

Saturday 16 November at Sentralen

09: 15-10: 00 Registration and refreshments

10: 00-10: 05 Artistic feature

10: 05-10: 15 Welcome by Shanti Brahmachari (artistic director of TekstLab) and Helga-Marie Nordby (Curator of the Drawing Triennial)

10: 15-10: 45 Presentation What is Live Art? Curator Tate Modern (TB)

10: 45-11: 15 Live performance with Christine Vik Bratvold “h” and conversation with the audience

11: 15-11: 45 Presentation Arts practices at the Center for The LessGood Idea by Bronwyn Lace, artist and director of the Center for the Less Good Idea

12: 00-13: 00 Lunch

13: 00-13: 45 Film screening Drawing Lesson 1 from Six Drawing Lessons by William Kentridge,

13: 45-14: 15 Conversation: How to develop idea to expression? Bronwyn Lace, curator Tate Modern (tuberculosis), Shanti Brahmachari and the audience

14: 15-15: 30 Dialogue meeting with young artists

15: 30-16: 00 Break / snacks

16.00-20.00 Live Performance program with conversations                                                            

Live TextLab Young Voices                                                                                  

Jennie Hagevik Bringaker                                                                                      

Jasper Siverts and Michael Aspli                                                                                                      

Ali Djabbary and Ole Jørgen Løvaas


Sunday 17 November at Kunstnernes Hus

11.00 - 13.15 Guided tour through the Drawing Triennial by curator Helga-Marie Nordby. Includes presentations by Anna Carin Hedberg (artist) and Jennie Hagevik Bringaker (artist) and performance by Monica Winther

13: 15-14: 00 Lunch

14: 00-14: 30 Artistic presentation with Jesper Jensen, TekstLab      

14.30-15.00 Presentation of Tekst Lab by Shanti Brahmachari with artistic elements from Tekst Lab Hanna Mjåvatn and Jasper Siverts

15: 00-15: 15 Break / snacks

15: 15-16: 00 Presentation What are the Tate Tanks? Curator Tate Modern (TB)

16: 00-16: 15 Artistic presentation by Michael Aspli from TekstLab

16: 15-17: 00 Artist talk at Bronwyn Lace

17.00-18: 00 Pizza

18.00 Film screening The Tattooed Sun with an introduction by Shwan Dler Qaradaki, director and Drawing Triennial artist

19:00 End


In occasion of the Drawing Triennial 2019, we have talked to Drawing Triennial artists about drawing.

Video production: Simen Øvergaard