Family workshop in collaboration with Oslo Sámiid Duodji

Dec 10, 2022


Dec 10, 2022

Family workshop in collaboration with Oslo Sámiid Duodji


On Saturday 10 December we invite you to a pre-Christmas family workshop in collaboration with Oslo Sámiid Duodji in Tegnerforbundet .

The workshop is a low-threshold offer where families can make key rings in reindeer skin and dress up together with their children. These are two of the materials that have been used in Sápmi for several hundred years, and which the participants will get to know better during the workshop. Materials we work with that day are reindeer skin, cloth, glue and decorative ribbon. 

The workshop is suitable for children aged 5 and up. If parents bring younger children, we want them to make the key ring together. (NB: Only children must be registered. A maximum of two adults can come with registered children.)

 The course supervisors are Liisa-Rávná Finbog, Anna Ciućka Sjursen and Birgit Somby from Oslo Sámiid Duodji.

Oslo Sámiid Duodji is a voluntary organization based in Oslo, and focuses on skills development for Sámi in Oslo and the surrounding area. Since 2017, Oslo Sámiid Duodji has organized courses and workshops for its members.


The event is part of the communication program linked to the exhibition "Material Sensitivity and Material Power" with the Sámi artist Iver Jåks .

The picture shows the duodji, taken by Liisa-Rávná Finbog.

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