Curators guided tour

Oct 28, 2022


Oct 28, 2022

Curators guided tour

Welcome to the curator's tour with Hanne Hammer Stien and Kristoffer Dolmen in the exhibition Material Sensitivity and Material Power with Iver Jåks .

Date: 28 October 2022

Time: 2 pm

The tour is free, open to everyone and does not require registration. The tour will be in Norwegian.


Kristoffer Dolmen is senior curator for the Nordlandsmuseet and works in particular with their program for Bodø 2024. He has a Cand. mag. degree from the University of Bergen and Stockholm University, as well as an MA (master's program in curatorial practice) from UiB and a Post Master from the Royal Konsthögskolan, Stockholm. He is a board member of OCA, is on the committee for visual art/organiser support in the Culture Council and a member of the artistic council for Bodø 2024. Former director/artistic director of the Sami center for contemporary art in Karasjok (2018-2022). Has previously worked for Nordland County Council, Se kunst i Nord-Norge and Den Nordnorske Kunstutstilling and Bodø Art Association.

Hanne Hammer Stien is an associate professor in art history at the Academy of Fine Arts and deputy director at Norway's Arctic University Museum and Academy for Art, both at UiT Norway's Arctic University. Her research interests include museology and curatorial practice, photo history and photo theory, contemporary art and art theory, and Sami and Greenlandic art. Stien has for a long period worked as an art critic and she has a curatorial practice. She sits on the R&D committee of the Culture Council, is a member of the artistic council of the Lofoten International Art Festival (LIAF) and is a board member of the Stiftelsen kunstkritikk. Stien is a member of the research group Worlding Northern Art (WONA) and participates in the research project Urban Transformation in a Warming Artic (UrbTrans).

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