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Apr 25, 2024
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Fredrik Rysjedal

Everyday life at "children's height"
Interview with Åshild Irgens

By Ingrid Brubaker

All in the sketch
- who was Sverre Fehn as a draughtsman?
Anja Dahle Øverbye

Snakkebob said it first
By Egon Låstad

Christopher Nielsen:
- Am I happy? I don't know.

By Stig Andersen

Make your own charcoal pins
By Anja Dahle Øverbye

Punk rock, pen and paper
Interview with Kjersti Synnova Moen

By Inger Marie Kjøstadmyr

Illustration by Åshild Irgens from the book Oskar og eg (2023), written by Maria Parr and published by Samlaget.
Back cover: Collage (2024) by Åshild Irgens.

NUMER - Magazine for drawing, illustration and book art
Art magazine, established in 1917.
Publisher: Tegnerforbundet
Editor: Fredrik Rysjedal
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