Event The Drawing Triennial 2023

The National Museum: Lecture by Marta Breen: The Art of Being a Woman

November 1, 2023


November 1, 2023

Welcome to a lecture with Marta Breen at the National Museum. Award-winning author Marta Breen has written a number of books on women's history, music and feminism. In her book Om muser og menn (About Muses and Men ), she examines the history of women in Nordic cultural life and the public sphere, and their eternal struggle to carve out a space of their own.  

Location: Nasjonalmuseet - Auditoriet
Date: November 1
Time: 18-19.00

The lecture will be held in Norwegian. Ticketed: 100 kr. Buy tickets here.


About the talk

In this entertaining lecture, she takes us on a deep dive into modern feminism and gender equality related to the exhibition "My life! My choice?". She shows examples of how media, popular culture and art present women and men in stereotypical ways, addresses some of the prejudices most of us carry when it comes to gender - and how we can avoid the worst pitfalls.  


Image: Portrait of Marta Breen
Photo: Private

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